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                        A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol

         by Walton Jones, David Wohl, and Faye Greenberg

Our inaugural year! As part of our creative outreach, we have begun a new ministry producing live theater.

Our first show of the 2017- 2018 will be A 1940’s Radio, A Christmas Carol presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc. The long-awaited sequel to the popular The 1940 Radio Hour. It’s Christmas Eve, 1943, and the Feddington Players are now broadcasting from a hotel room in Newark, NJ, and set to present their contemporary “take” on Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Whether it’s the noisy plumbing, missed cues, electrical blackouts, or the over-the-top theatrics of veteran actor, but radio novice, William St. Claire, this radio show is an entertaining excursion into the mayhem and madness of a live radio show. St. Claire’s escalating foibles and acting missteps propel the show to a simultaneously comedic and heart-wrenching dramatic climax: St. Claire has an on-air breakdown, and begins to connect his own life with that of the classic Dickens tale. In order to “save the show,” the company improvises an ending to Charles Dickens’ classic as a film noir mystery, featuring a hardboiled detective, a femme fatale, and an absurd rescue of Tiny Tim (and the Lindbergh baby) from the clutches of a Hitler-esque villain named Rudolf! Show dates are December 8, 9,  and 10th with dinner 1 hour prior to start of show. Click Here to purchase tickets online.

The Cast for A 1940’s Radio Christmas Carol

Bound Book Theater Company @ Mt Washington UMC is pleased to announce the cast for our debut dinner theater production of:


by Walton Jones, David Wohl, and Faye Greenberg.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. directed by Judy Berrens, music directed by Dennis Andrew Betz, and produced by Cheryl Boettger.

FRITZ CANIGLIARO – Neil Geoppinger
“LITTLE” JACKIE SPARKS – Anthony Schaeffer
MARGIE O’BRIEN –  Shana Mccoy
SALLY SIMPSON – Laurel Ellis
TOOTS NAVARRE – Dennis Andrew Betz
ESTHER LEWIS PIRNIE –  Kelly Geoppinger
HAROLD J. MULLINS – Eddie Zigmann

Chorus – Erin Zigmann, Terry Dean, and Betty Coulter


Long time talented community theater actors as well as new aspiring talent came out to audition. Equally talented were those who could both act and sing, ensuring a wonderful production for the holiday season.


Show dates are December 8, and 9th with dinner being served at 7:00 PM and show staring at 8:00 PM and December 10 with dinner being served at 2:00 PM and show at 3:00 PM. Tickets are $18.00, Seniors 65 and over $16.00 and children 10 and under $10.00.

Our final production of our inaugural season will be two Christian children’s musicals, It’s Cool In The Furnace and The Babble at Babel

It’s Cool In The Furnace – Bible stories are timeless, and the tale of a Godly guy named Daniel, his three side-kicks and a fiery furnace is about as cool as it gets. So too is the classic children’s musical that recounts this captivating tale with humor, action, and spiritual heart. With the thirty-five year anniversary re-release of It’s Cool in the Furnace by Grace Hawthorne and Buryl Red, a whole new generation of kids will get to experience this certified “standard” for the first time, just as another generation will get to relive what made this 40-minute musical adventure an instant classic.

The Babble At Babel – A wonderful retelling of the Tower of Babel which teaches us about unity and arrogance. Learn why God at times intervenes with a divisive hand in the affairs of man. The shows will run in late spring of 2018.

Please check back often for audition dates and tickets.