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You can watch a video of our latest message on our church YouTube channel.  

The most recent ones are posted here.

Pastor Penny delivers a Sermon titled “Look What Grace Can Do” September 8th. 

Pastor Penny’s Sermon from 8-25 worship, “Nothing Better,” looks at two fishermen who drop everything to follow Christ.

August 11th, “You Can Overcome the Limitations Others Place On You”

July 28th, “No Problem is too Big When You Have Help”

July 7th, 2019, “Here And Now”

June 30th, 2019, “Moses- Live in the Faith Zone, Not the Safe Zone”

June 23rd, 2019, “Esther- God has a place for you.” 

June 16th, 2019, Father’s Day, “Number One Super Hero.”

June 9th, 2019, “Joseph- Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams.” 

June 2nd, 2019, “Noah- One Person Can Make A Difference!”